Chibi Reyes
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Adorable, sweet little girl

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Ms. Reyes (sister-like) Kyeong Chan (Caretaker and a older brother figure) Joohna "Fluffball" Kang (sister figure and best friend)


Kyeong Chan Kang (crush) Joohna "Fluffball" Kang (Best Friend) Chibi Clark (Friend)


Metro Sisters, bugs (except for butterflies and ladybugs)

Chibi Reyes is a hyper, happy-go-lucky 5 year old that oves to have fun. She has a tendency to steal sweets from the Kang Siblings' refrigerator, escepically Kyeong Chan's cream pudding. She loves the Kang Siblings and always love them no matter what they are.


Chibi Reyes is loving, fun chibi which she is hyper a whole lot, and is very navie sometimes. However, she can be very scary sometimes and blow up her temper if possible.She does have a shy side though, as she always blushes in front of Kyeong Chan due to her crush on him. She is very friendly as well, as she get along well with "Fluffball" (Joohna).

Love for sweetsEdit

Chibi Reyes has a extreme love for sweets, as she always takes Kyeong Chan's cream pudding from the refrigerator, which makes Kyeong Chan enraged since he has to go the store to get more cream pudding. Her favorite dessert is cream pudding and chocolate mousse cake.

Crush on Kyeong ChanEdit

Chibi Reyes had a crush on Kyeong Chan the moment Ms. Reyes put him in charge of Chibi Reyes. Althought there's a 10 year difference between Kyeong Chan and Chibi Reyes, she still adores him even if he is older than her. "Fluffball" (Joohna) has noticed Chibi Reyes' crush on her older brother and is okay with it and gives her love advice time to time. Kyeong Chan, however, has yet to notice this.

Friendship with "Fluffball" (Joohna)Edit

Chibi Reyes is best friends with "Fluffball" (Joohna) and she receives love advice from her time to time.