Sprouitng Heroes and Chibi Reyes

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Chibi Reyes welcomes you to this wiki! For starters, Chibi Reyes is a 5-year-old entergetic girl who loves to have fun! She resides with her caretaker, Kyeong Chan Kang and his sister Joohna "Fluffball" Kang. Together, they experince great wonders beyond!

Main Characters

The Kang Family

Chibi Reyes

Kyeong Chan Kang

Joohna "Fluffball" Kang

Reyes Family

Lucia Reyes (also known as Ms. Reyes)

Minor Characters

The Metro Sisters

Mary Metro

Clary Metro

Tary Metro

Karamato Shiriyarto (from Wonder Quintet)

Bertha Yona

Ramon Ordonez

Specail Guest Characters

Diane Nguyen (Creator of Chibi Reyes)

Nam Nguyen (cousin of creator of Chibi Reyes)

Mira Nguyen (from Sprouting Heroes)


Shine brightly! Smile with pride! March on with pride! - Sprouting Heroes

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