Joohna "Fluffball" Kang is the younger sister of Kyeong Chan Kang. 

Joohna "Fluffball" Kang
[[Joohna Kang|10pxpx]]




Student, best friend of Chibi Reyes


Chibi Reyes (sister-like), Kyeong Chan (brother)


Chibi Reyes, her brother, having fun, Karamato Shiriyarto, The Colors of the Rainbow Legends


The Metro Sisters, snakes, lectures from Kyeong Chan


Chibi Reyes (Best Friend), Karamato Shiriyarto (crush)

Name RevealEdit

Her name is not said until Chibi Reyes: Kyeong Chan, the Invincible One. Many other charaters wonder what was her name since she is called Fluffball all the time. Her name was not revealed until Chibi Reyes found her school photo in her yearbook and found out her name. Her nickname Fluffball is just a name to call Joohna for her sweet personality.


Joohna is a happy-go-lucky type of person like Chibi Reyes, in contrast to her brother's serious personality. However, she is known to be serious as well at certian times. She has a tender side for her brother and Chibi Reyes, espically to Karamato Shiriyarto.

Crush on Karamato ShiriyartoEdit

Joohna has a huge crush on Karamato Shiriyarto and wants to be with him despite the 6-7 year difference between him and her. She always comes out with plans to get Karamato's attention, which all of them fail due to Kyeong Chan interfering with her plans. Karamato did accept her Valentine chocolate, however, he did not know of Joohna's crush on him. Joohna has yet to confess her feelings to Karamato.


She bascially wears a purple shirt with a purple skirt to match. On speical occasions, she wears a purple blouse.