Kyeong Chan Kang
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Student, caretaker of Chibi Reyes


Chibi Reyes (sister-like), Joohna "Fluffball" Kang (sister)


Chibi Reyes (when not annoying), his sister, having fun (when not serious)


Chibi Reyes (when annoying), Metro Sisters, Snake Ramon, jokes played on him

Kyeong Chan Kang is one of the protagonists and the caretaker of Chibi Reyes.


Kyeong Chan is a very intellegent Korean boy and is very quick respondent when there's trouble coming (espically when Chibi Reyes takes his cream pudding). He can be very serious and very hot tempered when agitated, espically when the Metro Sisters come by (except Tary since she has no interest in him at all). Kyeong Chan can be very kind and very sweet when he is treated with respect, as his soft side is shown in "Puppypet Love". He cares for his sister very much as possibly the same to Chibi Reyes.

Chibi Reyes', Bertha's, and the Metro Sisters' (except Tary) crush on himEdit

Kyeong Chan has yet to notice Chibi Reyes' crush and thinks her attempts to attract him or get his attention are jokes, which Kyeong Chan sometimes resents. However, he seems to accept the valentine Chibi Reyes gave him. (While he rejected the the Metro Sisters' valentines) Mary and Clary Metro seems to be obssessed with him a lot, while Tary is not. Mary tried one time to put a lot of glitter on her self to be attractive and Clary put a lot of make up to impress Kyeong Chan, which causes a townspread chase. Bertha really enjoys Kyeong Chan being near her and also tried to kiss him once, but "Fluffball" (Joohna) had to shove her out of the way because of a science project she had to do (Kyeong Chan, however, did not notice Bertha trying to kiss him).


Kyeong Chan sometimes wears a red, blue, white, black, forest green shirt depending on how he is feeling, but usually he wears a casual blue v-necked shirt and blue shorts during the summer and blue sweatpants during the winter.

Friendship with Tary, Diane, Avigayil, and RamonEdit

Tary had somewhat insluted him once and they fight occassionally. Diane, on the other hand, never fights Kyeong Chan and always treats him with respect. Ramon occasionally tends to annoy him becoming a snake and is often kicked in the face by Kyeong Chan. Avigayil is always there to help when Kyeong Chan is in trouble.

Professor Nam's Experiments on Kyeong ChanEdit

1. Turned into a Jackrabbit (A Blue Clear Tori)

2. Turned into a Dung Beatle (Bug Me, Will You Not?)

3.Obtained Wings (Kyeong Chan Soars High!)

4.Wind Power (Kyeong Chan, the Invincible One)

5. Had a sprout on his hair (Twists and Sprouts, reference to Sprouting Heroes)

6. Being turned into Chibi Kyeong Chan (Chibi Kyeong Chan and 15 year Chibi Reyes?!)

7. Turned into "Fluffball" (Joohna) (Which is Kyeong Chan, which is Joohna?)

8. Turned into a bat (A Chibi Halloween!)

9.Turned into a Venus Flytrap (A Poinsetta for Kyeong Chan)

10. Turned into a Lantern (Karamato Shiriyarto, Welcome To The City!)