Tary Metro is the youngest sister of the Metro sisters. She seems to have a rivalry aganist Kyeong Chan, unlike her sisters who are so obessesed with him. She helps Kyeong Chan from the hands of her sisters often and her most common phrase is "Beware of my bumbling sisters."

Tary Metro




Mary Metro (sister) Clary Metro (sister) Chibi Clark (brother-like)


Kyeong Chan Kang (Friend, rival) Joohna "Fluffball" Kang (Friend) Chibi Reyes (Friend) Chibi Clark (Friend)


DJ, student


Music that has upbeat tunes, Chibi Clark


Her annoying sisters




Unlike her sisters, which are snobbish and rude, Tary is more of a "average" girl and far more intellegent, despite her family being wealthly under the Metro name. Tary is a organized, calm person, however, she can get temper flares at her sisters. Overall, she is a calm, but as Chibi Clark states, "she is a calm, clean DJ who never lets anyone get in her way", meaning nobody can stop her from reaching her goals.

Realtionship with the Kang Siblings and her familyEdit

Although Tary hardly believes that Kyeong Chan is Mary and Clary's "dreammoat", she consideres Kyeong Chan a friend. At an earlier concept drawing of Tary, she was orginally obsessed with Kyeong Chan and was classified as a prankster, but the creator of Chibi Reyes decided to turn her into a calm, relaxed DJ who knows what's she's doing and not obssesed with Kyeong Chan like her other sisters. Tary seems to disapprove of her sisters' crush on Kyeong Chan, but deep down, she cares about them. Although Joohna and Chibi Reyes rarely communicate with Tary, they seem to consider her as a friend.


Tary wears a outfit especially the DJ glasses similar to MC Adore from Rhythm Heaven as a DJ. Although a student at Sukiouri Academy in one of the private classes, she does not wear a uniform, wearing a typical red v-necked shirt and black slacks.